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Renewing your passport

Applications for renewal of passports are submitted in person at the Embassy.

Send an e-mail to the Embassy in order to make an appointment:

The applicant must present a valid or expired Norwegian passport. Applicants who do not hold such passports are required to produce equally secure identification e.g a Norwegian driver’s license. In the latter case, applicants should also bring their certificate of birth or baptism.

Applicants must, upon presenting themselves at the Embassy, pay an application fee in cash and submit their biometric data; one photo, two fingerprints and a signature.

Information about the applicant will be stored in accordance with the applicable laws, rules and regulations at any given time.

Emergency passports are issued only in exceptional circumstances, and are valid for one travel only. They are chargeable at the same rate as regular passports.

Passports are issued to minors only upon written request from both parents. When submitting the application, the minor needs to be accompanied by at least one of the parents, who must also present valid identification as per the above mentioned guidelines. Parents not appearing at the Embassy will have to present their consent in writing, with a copy of their valid identification attached.

Claims of legal custody need to be supported by documentation.

The processing time for a new passport is 3 weeks.

It is not possible to apply for a Norwegian passport without a Norwegian ID. People without a Norwegian ID must first follow these procedures:  Personal ID-number


FEES as per 19 October 2020

 According to ”Table of Fees for Norwegian Foreign Service Missions” the fees for some of  the Embassy’s services are as follows:

Issuing of Norwegian passports:

  • Adult over 16       NIS 470         (NOK 1290)
  • Child under 16     NIS 280           (NOK 770)

Norwegian emergency passport:       NIS 615          (NOK 1690)

Notarial acts:

  • Issue of certificate, attestation of signatures and true copies       NIS 110          (NOK 288)

 In addition there are several other services the Embassy is required to charge for. Please ask.