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How to apply for a passport

A Norwegian passport can be issued to Norwegian citizens with a personal number. An application for a passport must be submitted in person at the Embassy in Hanoi for applicants older than 12 years.

A Norwegian passport can be issued to a Norwegian citizen with a personal number. Read about how to acquire a personal number and citizenship here.

All passports applied for and issued at the Norwegian Embassy in Hanoi, to citizens older than 12 years, will contain biometric data (fingerprints and picture) which are readable electronically. Picture and fingerprint will be captured at the Embassy. The application for a passport must be submitted in person at the Embassy in Hanoi during the Consular Section's opening hours, by appointment only. For an appointment, please send an email to the Embassy‘s Consular Section: consular.hanoi@mfa.noSee opening hours for the Consular section.

As for children under the age of 12, please read “How to apply for passports for children”.

Application for passport must be lodged in person with the following documents:

  • Completed form for passport application. The form will be handed out and filled in at the Embassy.
  • Current passport and/or expired passport(s).
  • Valid visa or valid residence permit to Vietnam if relevant.
  • Passport photo (must be identical, white background, not older than 3 months, minimum 36 x 47 mm). This does also apply to minors.
  • Power of attorney, if you are applying passport for a child and one parent is not present.
  • Letter confirming Citizenship, if you apply for a passport for the first time after having been granted Norwegian Citizenship.
  • Application fee.

All regular passports are produced in Norway. As a general rule, an application for a new passport should be submitted to the passport-issuing authorities where the applicant has registered residence. The current processing and shipping time is between 2-3 weeks from the time the application is submitted until the passport can be collected.  Please note the processing and shipping may at times increase.

The Embassy recommends you contact the Vietnamese Immigration Authorities for information on regulations concerning entering/departing Vietnam.