Norwegian businesses in Vietnam

The private sector is an important part of Norway’s bilateral relationship with Vietnam. The Norwegian Foreign Service assists Norwegian companies abroad in order to promote Norwegian economic interests. The Embassy contributes to strengthening Norwegian competitiveness through business promotion along with assisting Norwegian companies and institutions in building relations in Vietnam and Laos.

The Embassy in Hanoi can support Norwegian businesses as an active dialogue partner and give guidance on political and economic conditions in Vietnam and Laos as well as practical advice on questions such as CSR, barriers to business operations and other structural issues.

The Embassy, in cooperation with Innovation Norway’s office in Hanoi, can assist in contact with the government agencies and ministries.

The Norwegian government requires Norwegian companies, in Norway and abroad, to conduct their business in a socially responsible way. This means respecting local laws and regulations, as well as Norwegian laws and regulations. The Government also encourages Norwegian businesses to make active use of the National Action Plan for Business and Human Rights, and follow international standards. Issues related to human rights, labour, corruption and environment can be extra challenging in countries like Vietnam and Laos.

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