Norway-Vietnam Cooperation

Norway provided over 2.8 billion Krone of ODA to Vietnam (USD 320 million). As Vietnam successfully develops into a middle-income country, this has significantly changed the historical relationship between the two countries. Norway and Vietnam are no longer donor and recipient countries, but equal partners, bilaterally and multilaterally.

Over the last 5 decades, Norway and Vietnam have enjoyed a healthy and steadily evolving relationship in numerous areas such as fisheries, oil and gas, environment and climate change, education, gender equality, and human rights.

Now priorities include climate change adaptation including protection of oceans resources and the environment, green shift to cleaner and renewable energy sources including offshore wind industry, and sustainable development including promoting a circular economy.

Besides, Norway and Vietnam share a strong interest in increased trade and investments. Vietnam and EFTA countries (including Norway, Switzerland, Lichtenstein and Iceland) have been negotiating a Free Trade Agreement since 2012.