Seafood from Norway

The first-ever Norwegian seafood day to happen in Vietnam

The Norwegian Seafood Council in collaboration with ít local partner will organize the first-ever Norwegian Seafood Day in Viet Nam on 3 June 2023. The event will bring world-leading quality, traceable and sustainable seafood from Norway to Vietnamese consumers.

The event will be honored with the presence of the Norwegian Ambassador to Vietnam - H.E. Hilde Solbakken, Southeast Asia Regional Director, Norwegian Seafood Council - Dr. Asbjørn Warvik Rørtveit and WinMart COO - Mr. Nguyen Trong Tuan, Vietnamese journalists and other distinguished guests.

The Norwegian Seafood Council is focused on introducing the value of the world-famous "Seafood from Norway" trademark as well as other associated values, developed by the Norwegian Seafood Council to the Vietnamese consumers through Seafood Day. Attending the event, the Norwegian Ambassador to Vietnam - H.E. Hilde Solbakken and professional chefs will directly participate in processing and cooking from the top-class Norwegian salmon, so that customers can admire and experience the world-class dishes.

The event will consist of many interesting activities such as the display of Salmon and Brown crabs from Norway; seafood-tasting activities at the designated booths, and lucky gifts to give to customers.

This is a joint event between the Norwegian Seafood Council and its local partner, WinCommerce General Commercial Services Joint Stock Company.