• Provision of fee-paying services listed
    • Fee Payable (GBP)

Issuing a Norwegian passport

  • a) for a person over the age of 16
    • 43 GBP
  • b) for a person under the age of 16
    • 25 GBP


Special delivery envelope for passport delivery.

  • 7 GBP



Maritime matters

  1. Issue of a provisional certificate of nationality under section 5, third paragraph, of the Norwegian Maritime Code
    • 49 GBP
  2. Issue of a provisional trading certificate or safety certificate or an endorsement extending the validity of a certificate under
    • section 27
      • (2) a) and (3) of the Regulations of 15 June 1987
      • No. 506 concerning surveys for the issue of certificates to passenger ships, cargo ships and lighters, and concerning other surveys, etc.
      • Or sections 1–19 of the Regulations of 15 June 2000 No. 660 concerning the construction, operation, equipment and surveys of fishing vessels of 15 m or more in overall length
    • 49 GBP
  3. Confirmation that a complete application has been received for temporary service in a position for which a certificate of competency is required (Certificate of Receipt of Application (CRA)) under section 86 of the Regulations of 22 December 2011 No. 1523 concerning qualifications and certificates for seafarers
    • 49 GBP

True copy or transcript of a register, including certification:

  • for each page or part of page
    • 6 GBP
  • but not less than
    • 25 GBP

Notarial matters 

  • Issuing a certificate and attesting signatures
    • 25 GBP