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Norway - Nepal: Development

Our development focus areas in Nepal are education, energy and good governance.

Norway is a committed development partner to Nepal. The aim of Norway’s support is to contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Our development cooperation in Nepal is primarily in the areas of education, clean energy and governance.  

Norway’s official bilateral cooperation with Nepal started in 1964. The level of support was limited until the 80’s. In the beginning of the 90’ the support became more substantial, and has increased steadily since then. Today, Nepal is one of Norway’s partner countries for long-term development.  

The Norwegian bilateral development assistance to Nepal has reached to around 32 million USD a year (2017). In addition, Norway provides significant support to Nepal through multilateral organizations, including contribution to global funds. In 2016, this support amounted to 14 million USD.  

Norway channel the funds through the government, multilateral organizations, and international and national non-government organizations. Around 25 million USD is annually handled by the Embassy, and the remaining 7 million are administrated by the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD).


Cross-cutting issues
Throughout all three key cooperation areas, Norway promotes human rights, women's rights and gender equality, climate and environment and anti-corruption. All projects supported are sensitive to these important issues. 


Transparency and open data

Norwegian Aid Statistics gives you easy access to all official statistics about Norwegian development assistance from 1960 until today. You can choose your own content and scope of the report, and get the numbers as maps, graphs and tables.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs' grants portal provides an overview of all grants from the Ministry and Norad for which agreements have been entered into, and for which disbursements are planned for this year and for up to the next four years.



Education is a prioritised sector for Norway’s development cooperation with Nepal as a means to promote social equity and poverty reduction in Nepal. Read more about our work with education here.

Norwegian assistance in energy development is aimed at contributing to economic and social development in Nepal. Read more about our work with renewable energy and environment here.

Our support to the governance programs concentrates on building democratic institutions, local governance, strengthening rule of law, effective public financial management and anti-corruption. Read more about our governance programmes here.

Cross-cutting issues

All measures funded by the Norwegian government are required to be based on these principles

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Climate change and the environment

Climate change and environmental damage are destroying ecosystems, with negative repercussions for development, health and food production. It is important that our projects take climate change and the environment into account.


Human Rights & Gender Equality

The promotion of human rights and democratic principles is a crucial part of Norwegian foreign policy. There is a special focus on gender equality where the fundamental aim is to increase the opportunities available to women and girls, promote their right to self-determination, and further their empowerment.


Zero-tolerance policy on corruption

Norway practices a zero-tolerance on corruption. If you have any suspicions of financial irregularities or other misconduct in our programmes or implementing partners, go to our contact page.