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Inclusive governance and good management of public resources

Norway’s development cooperation in governance prioritises strengthening and building democratic institutions at all three levels of governments, and accountable and transparent public financial management.

In line with Nepal’s national development plans and the SDG’s principle of “leave no one behind”, Norway supports better access to justice for citizens, particularly for women and marginalised groups. Upholding zero-tolerance for corruption and gender equality are cross-cutting priorities in all our programmes.

Nepal has made some good development progress over the last decades, and was the first country to produce a national SDG-report. The country came out of a decade-long conflict in 2006, and with the enactment of a new Constitution in 2015 and the elections held in 2017, Nepal is now a secular, inclusive federal democratic republic. As the newest federal country in the world, Nepal has a good opportunity to establish good governance, access to justice and better public services for all of Nepal’s population. Norway remains a committed partner to assist Nepal in achieving these goals.


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Sub-national governance

Norway has since 2008 contributed over NOK 140 million for promoting improved local governance for effective service delivery and citizen empowerment in Nepal. The local governance programme is owned by the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration and has been a nationwide joint program co-financed with other development partners. The program ends in 2018. Since Nepal is embarking on a challenging reform path, Norway and other development partners together with the Government of Nepal, are developing a new sub-national governance programme to strengthen provincial and local governments.

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Public financial management and anti-corruption

Norway is supporting Government of Nepal’s Public Financial Management (PFM) reform through the World Bank’s Multi-Donor Trust Fund (MDTF). This support is assisting Nepal to improve accounting and audit procedures, public procurements and citizens engagement. The support is in line with the National Public Finance Management Strategy 2016/17-2025/26. The fund has been extended until 2022. The Embassy also takes active part in the Integrity and Accountability Working Group.

Cross-cutting issues

All measures funded by the Norwegian government are required to be based on these principles

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Climate change and the environment

Climate change and environmental damage are destroying ecosystems, with negative repercussions for development, health and food production. It is important that our projects take climate change and the environment into account.


Human Rights & Gender Equality

The promotion of human rights and democratic principles is a crucial part of Norwegian foreign policy. There is a special focus on gender equality where the fundamental aim is to increase the opportunities available to women and girls, promote their right to self-determination, and further their empowerment.


Zero-tolerance policy on corruption

Norway practices a zero-tolerance on corruption. If you have any suspicions of financial irregularities or other misconduct in our programmes or implementing partners, go to our contact page.