Keeping your Norwegian citizenship (retention of citizenship)

On 6 December 2018, the Storting (Norwegian parliament) adopted a resolution that entitles anyone who is, or wishes to become, a Norwegian citizen to dual citizenship. This means that Norwegians will be able to retain their Norwegian citizenship if they become citizens of another country. The same principle will apply to citizens of other countries if they satisfy the conditions for Norwegian citizenship. Those who have lost their Norwegian citizenship under the existing rules will be able to reclaim it. The new rules will not enter into force for at least a year. Until then, the existing rules regarding dual citizenship still apply.   


A person who acquired Norwegian citizenship at birth, but who has not resided in Norway for a total period of two years or in Norway and other Nordic countries for a total of seven years shall lose his or her Norwegian citizenship upon reaching the age of 22. The period of residence is defined as minimum 6 months.

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The Directorate of Immigration (UDI) is the central agency in the Norwegian immigration administration, and can answer questions about the citizenship rules. Here is the contact info for the UDI. The Directorate also published a news article on dual citizenship after the resolution was adopted by the Storting.