Cultures enriching each other

Norwegian-Israeli cultural relations are strong with an increased interest in cooperation from both sides.

Cultural cooperation is a key component of Norwegian-Israeli relations. We want to reinforce our bilateral ties, to facilitate the internationalisation of art and culture and to build lasting relations between artists and cultural institutions in Norway and Israel. Artists bring back new impulses and perspectives, enriching both countries.

Norway’s Embassy in Tel Aviv prioritizes culture and art. Quality, innovation and a long-term approach is crucial. We work in close dialogue with the artists themselves and with renowned cultural organisations and actors in Norway and Israel. The Embassy seeks to buttress local demand, preferably supporting initiatives taken by the artists and the cultural institutions themselves. Norway attaches great importance to ensuring a high professional and creative standard.

We are happy to see increased interest among Norwegian artists to explore a new international arena here in Israel. Likewise, a growing number of Israeli cultural actors show interest in cooperation with Norwegians. Through various support schemes and project cooperation, the Embassy is able to help to ensure that artists can engage in such activities.