Ukrainian child in winter weather - Foto:Photo: Filippov/UNICEF
Norway calls for Russia to end its war against Ukraine. Photo: Filippov/UNICEF

Norway calls for Russia to end its war against Ukraine

After almost ten years of Russian aggression, Russia continues its relentless attacks on Ukrainian cities and citizens. Norway continues to condemn Russia’s illegal war of aggression against Ukraine in the strongest possible terms. Russia must end its hostilities and withdraw its forces immediately and unconditionally from the territory of Ukraine within its internationally recognised borders.

Russia's attack on Ukraine is a clear breach of the UN Charter and international law. Respect for the core principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity are fundamental for the sovereign equality of all states, large and small. The war on Ukraine has global consequences – both directly and indirectly. A broad and strong cross-regional support in defense of the UN Charter and International Law will continue to be of utmost importance.

Russia’s war brings death and suffering upon millions of Ukrainians. Norway remains resolute in its unwavering support for Ukraine and its citizens, and will stand with them, for as long as it takes. The determination of the President, as well as soldiers and civilians, men and women of Ukraine, to defend their freedom and their country, continues to impress the world.

Norway stands firmly together with our allies and partners in response to Russia’s war.

Norway provides comprehensive, multi-year support to Ukraine

Norway has a 5-year support programme, comprising military and civilian support to Ukraine (The Nansen programme for Ukraine 2023-2027).

Norway’s support to Ukraine ranges from donations of air defence missiles to the provision of funding to pay health workers and teachers’ salaries. Our contributions are important both for Ukraine’s fight to defend itself and for the everyday lives of Ukrainians.

The support is both long-term and flexible, based on Ukraine's needs. Norway emphasizes coordination with Ukraine and the international community. Norway recognizes and supports the important role of Ukrainian civil society.

Norway is actively engaged in the work to support the President’s ‘Ukraine Peace Formula’. We are members of most of the working groups, and we co-chair working group 3 on Energy Security and working group 4 on the return of deported children, civilian hostages, and prisoners of war.

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