Necessary documentation for processing a visa at the Embassy

  • Passport (copy not accepted)
  • Cover letter
  • One passport size photo in colour with white background – without glasses
  • Written and signed invitation from the person you are visiting in Norway (sponsor)
  • Documentation of relationship (if you are visiting a family member)
  • Documentation of own funds available for you for the stay (NOK 500 for each day of your stay in Norway) or a signed guarantee form for visits sent to you from the sponsor. This form must also be stamped and signed by the police, and must be in original! Copies will not be accepted
  • If it is an official visit you need an introduction letter from your employer and an invitation from the institution, company, university or organization in Norway. One (or both) of the letters must contain a guarantee/confirmation about who will cover the expenses in connection with the trip. Occasionally the Embassy may ask for a confirmation directly from the sponsor.
  • Documentation of valid travel and medical insurance (minimum coverage of EUR 30,000).
  • The insurance must be valid in all Schengen countries (not only Norway) and valid from the day you leave until, and including, the day you are back.