Priorities and channels of support

Norway is a significant bilateral donor to Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia. Norwegian development cooperation funds aim to support governments in their reforms to achieve EU accession and integration in Euro-Atlantic structures. Human rights, democracy and rule of law are key principles in Norwegian development cooperations.

The overall goal of Norway's assistance to the Western Balkans is to contribute to the development of rule of law and stability through initiatives that promote:

A) Security and stability (Closer regional cooperation; Implementation of transitional justice in the region; Reconciliation)

B) Good governance (The rule of law strengthened through capacity-building of courts, prosecuting authorities, independent control bodies and the police; A more democratic and effective defence sector; Strong, vibrant and independent civil society and media; Minorities and marginal groups ensured rights in accordance with international agreements, both formally and in practice; The fight against organised crime and corruption established as a top priority for the authorities)

C) Economic and social development (Increased economic growth and competitiveness; Increased capacity in the field of environment/climate/energy; Increased social and economic inclusion of marginalised groups)

Norwegian development cooperation in Montenegro, North Macedoina and Serbia is managed by the Section for South East Europe in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Oslo and by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade.