Cultural cooperation

The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade aims to promote Norwegian culture, society and values in Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia, and strengthen cooperation between relevant actors in Norway and these countries.

Culture Grant Scheme

If you invite Norwegian artists to participate in events in your country, and if financial support is required, please refer your invitees to Norwegian Arts Abroad NAA portal (, the Norwegian support programme for international art and culture collaboration. The NAA network includes: Office of Contemporary Art Norway (OCA)Music NorwayPerforming Arts Hub Norway (PAHN)Norwegian CraftsDOGANorwegian Film Institute (NFI) and Norwegian Literature Abroad (NORLA). These organizations administrate travel support schemes.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs distributes annual funding for cultural promotion activities to the Embassy. The local cultural actors are invited to apply to the embassy for support to Norwegian participation in events (concerts, performances, workshops, festivals etc.). However, the Embassy’s support may only be a part of the whole budget for the event, and the above-mentioned support programmes must have been explored prior to application.

Norwegian films for loan

The Film Collection available for loan is produced by the Norwegian Film Institute (NFI) with support from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The collection comprises feature films, short films and documentaries, with multilingual subtitles. With the exception of archive films, the collection is available on Blu-ray and DVD (NTSC and PAL formats). Films can be lent for non-commercial events with non-paying audience. For the collection overview and guidelines for the use please see the links below.


For more information, please contact the Embassy at