Requirements for Application

This page provides you information on requirements for application, fees and steps to follow when certificates are lost.

Qualification Documents

The requirements for Officers Endorsement, Tankerman Highest Grade Endorsement, Chief Cook and Application for Master's Dispensation.

Certificate of Receipt of Application

  • The CRA is a confirmation of the receipt and acceptance of an application for endorsement. The CRA entitles the holder of a foreign certificate to serve temporarily in a position for which a certificate of competency is required on Norwegian ships, fishing vessels and mobile offshore units, until the application for endorsement is processed. The CRA is valid for 3 months from the date of issue. Masters must apply for a dispensation before a CRA can be issued.

GMDSS/GOC Endorsement

  • All Telenor Endorsement application must be submitted electronically to this website.

Chief Cook

  • The Norwegian Maritime Authority will no longer issue certificates for marine chief cooks. The shipowners/the company will then be responsible for the evaluation of qualifications of the employees they wish to employ as marine chief cook. This means that the company is responsible for making sure that the employee/seafarer they wish to employ as marine chief cook is sufficiently qualified for the position.

Application for Master’s Dispensation

  • The Embassy authenticates the application for master`s dispensation.This application should be given to the Embassy in good time, because the Embassy cannot issue a CRA without an instruction fax from the Norwegian Maritime Authority.


  • Application form, tick off Deck Officer (incl. passport photo)
  • List of Sea Service
  • Certificate of endorsement
  • Certificare of competency
  • Maritime administration certificate from NTC-M
  • Declaration of Norwegian maritime legislation
  • Norwegian health certificate
  • Employment agreement
  • Seaman's Book

Issuance of yellow book/Fartsoppgave

All requirements must include:

  • Copy of Employment Agreement
  • National Certificate
  • Basic Safety Certificate - revalidated
  • NIS Health Certificate
  • Seaman's Book

Please follow the link to the oline application for Endorsement and Tankerman Highest Grade of seafarers with STCW certificate issued by maritime administrasjons (countrys) that Norway has an agreement with.

Fees and Payment

  • Please see the link for the updated list of fees.
  • Payments can be made through company check upon submission of the documents and be made payable to “Royal Norwegian Embassy”. Please note that one (1) check for each seafarer and a waiver stating "I/We allow the electronic clearing of this check and hereby waive the presentation of this original to (name of bank)" must appear infront of the check.
  • Payment using Debit Card/Credit card is also acceptable

The Seafarer's Responsibility (Lost/misplaced/expired certificates)

There are alarming numbers of lost/misplaced and expired certificates, and lost or expired certificates can lead to problems and delays. It is important that official documents are kept in a secure manner.

The seafarer should always know where his certificate is. The master and ship owner also have responsibility to keep track of the crews certificates. Always keep track of expiry dates on your certificates. Send your application for renewal in due time and always include the necessary documentation

Lost Endorsements - What to do?

We do not accept scanned copies or xerox copies of endorsements. Original should be presented upon mustering. If you loose your endorsement, you should advice your principal, and the principal will have to request for a duplicate from NMD.

If you have inquiries regarding your lost Telenor, send it to