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Reinvented Filipino Recipes with Chef Dominic Vergara of Kain Oslo

Dominic and his older brother Daniel helped in the restaurant getting a taste and interest for their future culinary path. This lead them to a culinary journey, from Italy to London, Yokohama, and eventually ending up in Oslo, Norway years later.



Salmon Kinilaw
Serving size: 4 persons


160 g Norwegian salmon filet
10 gr brown sugar
10gr fine salt

1 sheet nori seaweed (powder)
· frying oil / salt

1. Blitz nori sheets to powder.
2. Cook the rice in abundant boiling water
until it's soft (almost overcooked).
3. Strain and rinse in cold water.
4. Strain well and spread in trays.
5. Dry in the oven / dehydrator 80’C for ca 6 hrs
6. Fry the dried rice at 200’C, then season with
nori powder and salt.

Jalapeno dressing
100 gr fresh jalapeno (deseeded)
150 gr grapeseed oil
75 gr sushi vinegar
33.5 gr water
16.5 gr fresh coriander leaves
16.5 gr fresh garlic (peeled)
21 gr lime juice

Xantan gum
1. Blanch jalapeno for 3 to 4 times (taste if spicy).
2. Put all the ingredients in a blender
and blitz until smooth.
3. Strain with a fine mesh.
Sushi vinegar
5 gr rice vinegar
3.1 gr white sugar
10 gr salt
7.5 gr mirin
1 pc small kombu

Mix all the ingredients until salt and
sugar are dissolved.

· fresh dill
· thinly sliced red radish




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Palabok Negra


Squid ink pasta

100 gr flour 00
25 gr fine semolina
1 pc whole eggs
2 pcs egg yolk
1 tablespoon squid ink


1. Put all the ingredients in a mixer and make a homogeneous dough (knead with hands if needed).
2. Vacuum and rest in the fridge for 1 hr.
3. Roll the dough and make tagliolini.


Palabok Sauce
60 gr minced pork
40 gr prawn shells fresh
8 gr garlic
24 gr onion
1 pc bay leaf
200 gr water
6 gr miso
2.5 gr fish sauce
1 gr sugar

Salt / pepper


1. Sear the meat until golden brown then set aside.
2. In a pressure cooker saute garlic and onion until translucent.
3. Add all the ingredients and cook for 1hr.
4. Strain and reduce the broth to the desired consistency.
5. Thicken with maizena


Smoked mackerel
100 g Norwegian smoked mackerel

1. Cut the smoked mackerel into small pieces and put in trays.
2. Dry in the oven at 85 ‘C for 10 hrs circa.
3. Once dried, blitz into powder.

Salmon roe
20 g Salmon roe - we will use it in its natural form.


Garnish / seasoning

· butter
· chives
· fresh lemons
· black pepper
· chicharon




Trout Ginataan
Recipe for 4 persons



200 g Norwegian trout or salmon fillet, bones picked,
scaled, skin on.


Pumpkin purèe
100 gr Hokkaido pumpkin (
cut into small pieces)
15 gr white onions
6 gr garlic
1.5 gr ginger
1 pc dried chili
90 gr coconut milk
1 pc bayleaf
1 gr salt
1 gr fish sauce
1 gr ground white pepper


1. In a pot sauté garlic, onions and ginger until
soft and translucent.
2. Add fish sauce and cook for 5 mins.
3. Add all the ingredients and cook on medium heat until
the pumpkin is soft and cooked.
4. Take the chili and bay leaves off.
5. Blitz everything into a purèe.
6. Check seasoning if needed.


Green beans
100gr green beans (clean)
1. Cut the green beans into the desired shape.
2. Blanched in boiling salted water then cool down with
iced water.
3. Sauté with butter before serving.


Pumpkin seed
Dry roast the seeds in a pan until golden and fragrant.
6 pcs cherry tomatoes
· salt / white pepper
· sugar
· garlic (thin slice)


1. Blanch the cherry tomatoes in boiling water
for 3 seconds, then cool down with iced water.
2. Peel the tomatoes.
3. Spread the tomatoes in trays with the garlic and ginger,
sprinkle with salt, sugar, white pepper and drizzle
with olive oil.
4. Dry in the oven or dehydrator at 80’c for circa 5 hrs.


Coconut air
100 gr coconut milk
1.5 gr ginger
7 gr onions
3 gr garlic
1 pc bay leaves
1 pc dried chili
1 gr salt
1 gr fish sauce


1. In a pot sautè garlic, onion, ginger until soft and
2. Add fish sauce and cook for 3 mins
3. Add all the remaining ingredients, simmer in medium
heat for 40 mins circa.
4. Strain the liquid with a chinois.
5. Keep in pot and foam before serving.


· salt
· pepper
· butter
· olive oil
· baby spinach leaves


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