50 years of diplomatic relations between Norway and Nepal

Norway and Nepal established diplomatic relations on the 26th of January in 1973. This year marks the 50th anniversary of diplomatic ties between our two countries.

The relationship between Norway and Nepal is rich in cooperation across multiple fields. Norwegian presence in Nepal can be traced back to even before formal diplomatic relations were established, way back to the early 1950s. Both Norway and Nepal have landscapes marked by mountains, rivers, and waterfalls – creating potential for producing energy from hydropower. Hydropower cooperation between the two countries dates back 60 years.

Today, Nepal is a partner country in development for the Norwegian government. Norway aims to be a consistent partner, supporting Nepal’s efforts in reaching sustainable development, reducing poverty, and promoting respect for human rights, transparent governance, and social equity. In line with the priorities of the Government of Nepal, our bilateral cooperation is concentrated mainly on renewable energy, education, and good governance.

Many Norwegian actors are engaged in long-term partnerships with Nepali civil society and NGOs in a variety of sectors. This is a valuable part of our bilateral relations.

Every year, there are Nepali students going to Norway for short-term or longer-term studies, and Norwegian students visiting Nepal as part of their education. Nepal is also a popular tourist destination for Norwegians, attracted by Nepal’s unique mountains and culture.

In 2023, we will mark and celebrate the anniversary of the rich friendship between our two countries. Then, we embark on developing together and learning from each other for the next 50 years.

Happy anniversary!