Norway renews support for Mine Ban Treaty

Norway will make a voluntary contribution of NOK 295 000 to the operations of the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention’s Implementation Support Unit in 2018.

Norway announced its contribution at the third annual Pledging Conference for the Implementation of the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention on 27 February 2018.

The Implementation Support Unit (ISU) supports individual States Parties in fulfilling their obligations under the Convention. Norway welcomes the work carried out by the ISU, which is funded on a voluntary basis by the States Parties to the Convention.

Norway continues to place high priority on implementing the Convention in the field and is proud to support mine action in 20 countries worldwide. Norway will contribute around 38 million USD to mine action globally this year, with an emphasis on survey activities and mine clearance in affected states, as well as assistance to mine survivors. Norway will continue to give priority to countries that demonstrate strong national ownership and clear progress towards completion.

Pledges and statements can be found here.