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Norway in Geneva Permanent Missions to the UN and WTO/EFTA -

Nearly NOK 1 billion in support to small-scale farmers and fishers

Minister of International Development Anne Beathe Tvinnereim announced before thousands of spectators at an event in Central Park that Norway is increasing its support to efforts to enhance food security.

‘We must equip people to feed themselves and their local communities. Often, very little is needed to enable poor small-scale farmers and fishers to produce a greater quantity of safe, healthy food than is the case today. But they need the know-how to adapt their local agriculture and fisheries to climate change. Climate-resilient food production is key in the effort to fight hunger,’ said Ms Tvinnereim.

Today, Ms Tvinnereim announced that Norway will increase its support to poor, small-scale farmers and fishers who produce food for local markets in developing countries. During the event in New York, Ms Tvinnereim stated that Norway has pledged to increase its core support to the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) by 50 %. This corresponds to NOK 972 million for the period 2025–2027.

IFAD will target this funding towards adapting agriculture to climate change and enhancing protection of biodiversity in vulnerable rural areas in developing countries. The funding is also intended to trigger greater private investment in agriculture.

‘Access to food is part of the foundation for ensuring that people can go to school, lead healthy lives and take part in the labour force. The role of private investment in agriculture will become increasingly important in the time ahead. It is crucial that Norway helps to stimulate more growth. This is particularly important with regard to local food value chains and markets,’ said Ms Tvinnereim.

The Global Citizen Festival is an annual music festival that brings together thousands of people. Heads of states, artists, philanthropists and businesses gather on stage and announce increased support for the sustainable development goals.