Agenda Item 5

Fifth statement by Norway during the fourth formal consultation on the Global Compact of Refugees held on 8 - 10 May 2018. Agenda item 5: Programme of action: Areas in need of support – solutions (Part III.B.3).

Delivered by Senior Adviser Marit Rosenvinge


Thank you co-chair,

In general, the text regarding solutions in this second draft is in line with Norwegian views, and we will limit ourselves to only one short comment, regarding resettlement.

As Norway has said in many of our interventions in this process, there is a need for more states to contribute with resettlement places and complementary legal pathways. The question is how to actually achieve this.

We support the proposal for a three-year strategy. While the details remain to be discussed, we believe a three-year strategy would represent a welcome opportunity to increase and expand this solution, and thus improve international responsibility- and burden-sharing.

We understand the wish for multi-year resettlement pledges, but must take into consideration that national budget regulations oblige us to work with annual budgets.


Thank you.