Agenda Item 3

Third statement by Norway during the fourth formal consultation on the Global Compact of Refugees held on 8 - 10 May 2018. Agenda item 3: Programme of action: Areas in need of support – reception and admission (Part III.B.1).

Delivered by Senior Adviser Marit Rosenvinge


Thank you, co-chair.

Following our support for the amendments in part 3.A (on the mechanisms in the Program of action), Norway also welcomes the amendments in part 3.B.1 concerning reception and admission.

We believe that good implementation of part 3.B of the compact is required to demonstrate that the proposed mechanisms in part 3.A will lead to more predictable and equitable burden- and responsibility-sharing.

We thank UNHCR for organizing a separate discussion on 25 April on the idea of an Asylum Support Group. We support the proposal as set out in draft 2.

We find it important that if hosting states should need assistance on various technical aspects of handling reception and admission of asylum seekers or refugees, they could request and receive such assistance.

It is also important that such assistance is request-based, and that it does not replace, but rather complement, the work or UNHCR. 


Thank you.