Agenda Item 1

First statement by Norway during the fourth formal consultation on the Global Compact of Refugees held on 8 - 10 May 2018. Agenda Item 1: Introduction (Part I).


Delivered by Ambassador Hans Brattskar

Thank you, co-chair.

At the outset, we would like to thank UNHCR for your continuous hard work on the GCR. Considering the different and at times opposing views put forward from the floor, it is no easy task to find common ground, but we believe you are handling this in a constructive manner.

We also found it helpful to receive a summary of the main changes of the second draft in a separate document, and we would encourage you to do this for the following drafts as well.

Two general comments to second draft:

First, we believe it is crucial that the text clearly states that this is a common effort, a joint endeavor. In our view, it is the combination of different contributions from all states and relevant actors, not only some, that can bring about a more predictable and equitable burden- and responsibility-sharing.

Second, for these contributions to come forward, we need an inclusive approach, favoring complementarity between humanitarian and development actors, for the benefit of both refugees and host communities.

Most of our specific comments relate to part III and the Programme of action, so we will come back to those later.

As for the introduction, we would like to propose to include in paragraph 9, third sentence, the word “climate” in front of environmental degradation and natural disasters.

We welcome the way paragraph 10 sets out that the GCR complements other ongoing UN endeavors, including on migration.

Thank you.