The Program of Action and the Principal Modalities for Burden- and Responsibility Sharing

First statement by Norway during the first formal consultation on the Global Compact of Refugees held on 13-14 February 2018. Statement delivered by Counsellor Mr. Kjetil Elsebutangen.

Thank you, chair, and thank you to UNHCR for preparing the zero draft with the programme of action. We also appreciate the timely sharing of the zero draft, allowing time for reading and discussion.

We agree that the programme of action should not repeat what has already been agreed and adopted through the New York Declaration. The programme of action should address gaps and be as practical and operational as possible.

We believe there are many good elements in the zero draft. Norway is particularly pleased to see the emphasis on education, as well as the gender perspective.

At the same time, we would welcome stronger incentives for burden- and responsibility-sharing. Norway wants to see more states and other actors stepping up their engagement in support of refugees and host communities. The contributions may be different in nature and size, but the point is to increase the number of committed states and partners.

This perspective will also be relevant when we discuss the idea of a global response platform. How could the proposed platform widen the range of actors involved?

We would also like more clarity on the follow-up mechanisms of solidarity conferences.

We welcome a stronger involvement of development actors and international financial institutions, as well as regional organisations.

Finally, we welcome the section on data and evidence and would propose to update this language later this spring in light of the ongoing work on the international recommendations on refugee statistics prepared for the UN Statistical Commission.

Thank you.