Agenda Item 3

Third statement by Norway during the fifth formal consultation on the Global Compact of Refugees held on 12 - 13 June 2018. Agenda Item statement on agenda item 3: Programme of action: Areas in need of support (Part III.B)

Delivered by Senior Adviser Marit Rosenvinge


Thank you, co-chair.

Under this agenda item, we would first like to ask UNHCR to provide us with more clarity on paragraph 53, in particular to which states and authorities the paragraph refers.

We continue to support the idea of establishing an Asylum Capacity Support Group and we thank UNHCR for providing us with a non-paper with more detailed information about this.

We believe this group could become a useful channel for contributions of technical expertise to strengthen asylum systems.

We note that also in other areas of reception and admission, there is a call for contributions of technical and material assistance. Assuming that these other areas do not fall within the scope of the Asylum Capacity Support Group, we would like to ask UNHCR how states should channel such contributions.

In paragraph 75 on gender, we would like to propose a few amendments.

In the first sentence, we suggest to replace the words “address barriers to” with either the word “promote” or the word “ensure”.

At the end of the same sentence, we would propose to write “all relevant government ministries” instead of “government ministries focused on women”.

In the following sentence, we would like to see the dimension of responsibility strengthened. We would also favor an explicit reference to female health workers. We will send these proposals in writing to UNHCR.

We support the additional emphasis on youth in paragraph 76 and we welcome the wording in paragraph 83 on statelessness.

We also support the text on solutions, including paragraph 89 and the new paragraph 100 on other local solutions.

Thank you.