Agenda Item 2

Second statement by Norway during the fifth formal consultation on the Global Compact of Refugees held on 12 - 13 June 2018. Agenda Item 2: Programme of action: Mechanisms for burden- and responsibility-sharing (Part III.A).

Delivered by Counsellor Kjetil Elsebutangen


Thank you, co-chair.

We have a few brief comments to part III. A, covering the mechanisms for burden- and responsibility-sharing.

We have advocated for a streamlining and standardization of the proposed solidarity conference in order to make such conferences more efficient and effective.

For these conferences, we would ideally have liked to see the development of templates for states’ submission of their pledges in writing, as well as a more standardized system for tracking and reporting on pledges delivered. We would have preferred to see this idea reflected in paragraph 27.

We strongly support the wording in paragraph 32, first bullet point, saying that the humanitarian funding is “needs-driven” and “delivered in line with the humanitarian principles”.

And we welcome the reference to parliaments in paragraph 39.

Thank you.