Agenda Item 1

First statement by Norway during the fifth formal consultation on the Global Compact of Refugees held on 12 - 13 June 2018. Agenda Item 1: Introduction (Part I).

Delivered by Counsellor Kjetil Elsebutangen


Thank you, co-chair.

We would first like to recognize UNHCR’s dedicated efforts in trying to find a middle ground between different positions. We believe the third draft reflects this intention.

We hope that this fifth round of formal consultations will bring us close to consensus. Norway is committed to contribute constructively to this end.

We have the following comments to the introduction.

In paragraph 1, we support the reference to “unprecedented levels of humanitarian funding” in recognition of the fact that states have stepped up their contributions to meet increasing needs. 

Norway’s humanitarian financing has increased by more than 50 % since 2013 and our total aid budget is equivalent to 1 % of gross national income (GNI).

In paragraph 4, we support the edits made, including the reference to “collective outcomes” and “the international community as a whole”.

We can also support the edits made in paragraph 5 under the heading “Guiding principles”.

Thank you.