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Food & Health & Climate: EAT launches new regional forum

On 24 May 2017, Norway co-hosted a launch in support of EAT and Indonesia’s new Asia-Pacific Food Forum, which will address the interconnected challenges of food, health and environmental sustainability facing the world’s most populous region. The Government of the Republic of Indonesia and the EAT Foundation will co-host the forum in Jakarta, Indonesia, on 30 – 31 Oct., 2017.

Please see excerpts from the EAT Press release below:

“The EAT Asia-Pacific Food Forum will be the first regional forum of its kind during the UN’s Decade of Action on Nutrition (2016-2025). The new UN focus on nutrition recognizes that diets and a well-managed food system play a decisive role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and the Paris Climate Agreement. “It is my sincere hope that the first Asia-Pacific Food Forum will be the catalyst that triggers the transformation of the region into achieving the SDGs,” said Professor Nila Moeloek, Indonesia’s Minister of Health and long-term member of EAT’s Advisory Board.

Indonesia taking the lead

Dr. Gunhild Stordalen, President and Founder, EAT Foundation

H. E. Prof Nila Moeloek, Minister of Health, Indonesia

Photo:Pierre M. Virot

The Asia-Pacific Food Forum will address the main food challenges in the region, including food security in a changing climate, the effects of rapid urbanization on diets and the double burden of malnutrition. "We must pay attention to the fact that health and nutrition are inseparable from climate and the environment,” Professor Moeloek said. “We are excited to see the progressive leadership shown by Professor Nila Moeloek and the Indonesian Ministry of Health to enable a shift in the Asia-Pacific towards sustainable food systems delivering healthy diets to a growing population,” said Dr. Gunhild A. Stordalen, founder and president of EAT. “By offering an inclusive, collaborative platform, EAT works to break down the silos between scientists, politicians, business and civil society to help drive the knowledge and solutions needed to holistically transform the global food system and deliver on the SDGs. We are proud to join the Indonesian Government in creating a regional platform for this collaboration.”

Regional collaboration is key

The Indonesian Ministry of Health and EAT will collaborate with other national ministries and invite regional governments, business, civil society, academic institutions and scientific communities to support the development of the Asia-Pacific Food Forum. During a focused two-day program, 500 high-level political, business, academic and civil society leaders will meet in Jakarta to share research, best practices and lessons learned, and find common solutions. The Asia Pacific Food Forum is based on the model piloted at the EAT Stockholm Food Forum, which over its four years of existence has become the leading global arena for those seeking to transform the food system.

About the EAT Foundation

EAT is an international foundation linking food, health and sustainable development across science, business and policy. The overall objective of EAT is to expand scientific knowledge on the interconnections between food, health and environmental sustainability, spur innovation along the food value chain, and facilitate the development of evidence-based policies to radically transform the global food system to be able to deliver healthy, affordable diets to a growing world population within the planetary boundaries.

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