A picutre of the Security Council chamber from above - Photo:Ivan Brodey
Ivan Brodey

The Most Important Room in the World Exhibited

An unique exhibition of the history and design of the UN Security Council chamber has opened at the UN headquarters.

Norway, an elected member of the Security Council 2021-2022, is pleased to finally open the exhibition, that was postponed for two years due to Covid19 restrictions.

The Security Council Chamber has been the arena for some of the most impactful and world shaping conversations in history. The Exhibition “Crafting Unity” offers unique insights in how the chamber came to be, and how its carefully crafted design and symbols accentuate the importance of the work conducted in it.

Furnished and designed by Norwegian architect, Arnstein Arneberg, the Security Council Chamber was offered as a gift from the Norwegian Government to the United Nations when the UN building was completed in 1952.

Details such as the symbolic heart, wheat and anchor shaped textile design of the chambers’ wall coverings, the horse-shoe arrangement of the chambers chairs and the iconic mural painted by Norwegian artist Per Krogh behind the Councils table, all contribute to the Chamber’s important role as a forum for maintaining dialogue, peace, and security.

“We are pleased to present this exhibition about what is understood by many to be the most important room in the world. In this very chamber, historic moments have played out, and to this day continue to do so,” said Norway’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Ambassador Mona Juul.

“As a current elected member of the Security Council, Norway takes an active part in the daily work conducted in the chamber. This exhibition is a welcome opportunity to highlight the perhaps overlooked role it plays as the world’s most important forum for peace, dialogue and security. The chamber continues to house our common hope for a world at peace,” Juul said.

Curated by New York-based Darling Green Studio, the exhibition holds high visual and educational value for all to enjoy while passing by the Delegates Entrance in the UN Conference Building. The exhibition will be on display until 20 May 2022.