Norway's co-chair deliver UN Police Division review

“The work of the UN Police Division need to be changed significantly. We need a real paradigm shift», says Norway’s Hilde Frafjord Johnson. She and Niger’s Ambassador Abdallah Wafy co-chaired the team tasked with the important police review.

The review of UNs police work was launched om 31 May 2016.

“We have found that the work of the UN Police Division need to be changed significantly, we need a real paradigm shift”, Johnson says. "There needs to be parity between the police and millitary in peacekeeping."

See the press conference with Hilde Frafjord Johnson and Abdallah Wafy here.

Hilde Frafjord Johnson and the review team delivered the report about the UN Police Division to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon yesterday. Today the review is officially launched. The panel was tasked with figuring out how to utilize police contributions to the UN even better, and in the report the team propose a new operating model that is more result driven.

Read the full report here.

“A functioning police is one of the first and most basic means to stabilize a country. It gives citizens a sense of justice and rule of law. And a functioning police is also the main test of when UN’s Peace Operations can leave a country”, Johnson states.

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United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operation (DPKO) appointed the core team that conducted the external review of the UN Police Division. This review is one of the tangible follow-ups to the High-level Independent Panel on Peace Operations (HIPPO). Johnson sat in the panel, which gave recommendations to reform UN peace operations.

Hilde Frafjord Johnson has previously been the Special Representative of the Secretary-General and Head of the United Nations Mission in the Republic of South Sudan, Deputy Executive Director of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and Minister of International Development in Norway.