Provides aid to Central African Republic

‘The population of the Central African Republic is suffering because of the armed conflict, attacks on civilians and the grave humanitarian situation. The UN and the various aid organisations have only received around 30 % of the funding they need for the humanitarian relief effort, and Norway is therefore providing an additional NOK 47 million in aid funds,’ said Minister of Foreign Affairs Børge Brende.

Norway’s contribution was announced at a donor conference in Brussels today, by State Secretary Tone Skogen. The additional funds will be channelled through the UN and NGOs and used for humanitarian assistance and long-term development projects.

‘The crisis in the Central African Republic tends to be overshadowed by other pressing crises. It is crucial that the international community steps up its efforts in the country, with a view to alleviating the acute humanitarian needs and contributing to more long-term peacebuilding. Norway is also concerned about the regional repercussions of the conflict,’ said Mr Brende.

The civil war in the Central African Republic escalated in 2013. Many thousands of people have died, and there are now around 850 000 refugees and internally displaced people. The situation in the country has improved somewhat, but it is still unstable and volatile.

‘The political differences underlying the humanitarian conflict need to be resolved, but this will take time. It is vital that the new Government promotes stability and gives priority to inclusive political dialogue and good governance, so that it can gain the trust of the people. Capacity-building is also essential, so that the population has access to basic services, for example health care and education,’ said Mr Brende.