Norwegian development aid in 2015

Norway has reinforced its position as one of the world’s leading development aid donors. The official development aid figures for 2015 are now out.

In 2015, Norwegian development aid amounted to NOK 34.5 billion. This represents an increase of approximately NOK 2.4 billion on the previous year. Aid in 2015 corresponded to 1.05 per cent of Norway’s gross national income (GNI). In 2014, Norway gave NOK 32.1 billion in development aid, equivalent to one per cent of GNI.

Altogether 109 countries received Norwegian development aid in 2015, seven fewer than in 2014.

The figures have been retrieved from Norad’s statistics portal, on which the latest official figures are now available. Norwegian development aid statistics are in accordance with OECD’s Statistical Reporting Directives.