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Norway in the UN Permanent Mission to the United Nations in New York

Norway steps up development assistance for promoting healthy and sustainable oceans

‘The world is facing major challenges, and a growing global population will need more food, more jobs and clean energy. The oceans can provide many of the solutions to these challenges, and we are therefore stepping up our development assistance for promoting healthy and sustainable oceans,’ said Minister of International Development Dag-Inge Ulstein.

Together with eight other donor countries, Norway has played a leading role in establishing the Multi-Donor Trust Fund Problue under the World Bank. The purpose of the Fund is to support healthy and sustainable oceans. The Fund focuses on fisheries management, combating marine pollution, the sustainable development of traditional maritime activities and of more innovative activities, such as offshore wind and desalination, and the integrated management of coastal and marine areas. 

‘In response to pressure from Norway and other countries, the World Bank has, over the last two years, given priority to the work to secure sustainable oceans. So far, Norway has provided NOK 135 million to the Problue Fund. I am delighted that we have now signed an additional agreement totalling NOK 46 million. These additional funds will enable the World Bank to intensify its efforts in this area,’ said Mr Ulstein.

Norway is also establishing the new programme ‘Oceans for Development’. Norad will organise meetings to gain input on the development of the programme. Norway will allocate NOK 25 million to this programme in 2020.

‘Promoting clean and productive oceans is vital if we are to reach the Sustainable Development Goals. Many developing countries need to improve the management of their ocean resources. Norway has expertise and experience in this field, and we are strengthening development cooperation in the area of sustainable ocean management by establishing the Oceans for Development programme,’ said Mr Ulstein.

On 23-24 October, Norway will host the sixth Our Ocean Conference in Oslo. The conference will gather more than 500 participants and 100 youth delegates, representing governments, civil society, academia and private sector.