Trainees Spring 2018

Spring 2018: New trainees at the Norwegian Mission to the UN

We welcome our new trainees for this spring! Find out what they will be doing in this introduction regarding their work at the Norwegian Mission to the UN.

The five new trainees have arrived from various places in Norway and from a broad specter of academic backgrounds. They are excited to substitute their university campuses with the halls of the UN headquarters and discuss issues that they previously have only encountered in a classroom setting.

Adiele Helen Krüger Arukwe (28) is from Oslo, and a Master's student in Journalism at the University of Oslo. Arukwe has been working as a journalist, and will be working with Press and Communications.

Harmeet Kaur (23) is from Oslo and currently in the Bachelor's program in International Development studies at Oslo's brand new university OsloMet - Oslo Metropolitan University. Kaur's field of work will be International and Sustainable Development.

Anja Marie Solheim (24) is born and raised in Hemsedal. Solheim is a Master's student in law at the University of Bergen and will be working with Legal Issues and Gender Equality.

Jenny Nortvedt (26) is from Son in Akerhus. Nortvedt is finishing her Master's degree in Political Sciences at the University of Oslo this year. She will be working with issues related to Peace and Security.

Thomas Sundt Kvernes (25) from Røros is a Second Lieutenant and is in his last year at the Bachelor's degree in Military Studies, Leadership and Land Power from the Norwegian Military Academy in Oslo. Kvernes is going to work as an assistant to the Military Adviser.

For a full list of employees and contact info at the Mission, please see our page The Team.