Spring 2016: New trainees at the Norwegian Mission to the UN

Spring is here and we are happy to see some fresh young faces at the Mission. This is what they will be working with in the coming months.

The five new trainees have arrived from all over Norway and from a broad spectre of academic backgrounds. They all find it extremely exciting that their average day of lectures and essay-writing has been transformed to formal meetings at the United Nations. And look forward to discuss issues that they previously have only encountered in a classroom setting.

Celine Gaasrud, 22 from Oslo, is a Master's student in Sustainability Management at Columbia University in New York and will be working with issues related to International and Sustainable Development.

Markus Weisser, 24 from Oslo, is currently a Bachelor's student in International Relations and Affairs at the University of Oslo and will be working with issues related to Peace and Security.

Vilde Tennfjord, 23 from Asker, is currently a law student at the University of Bergen and will be working with Legal Issues and Gender Equality.

Usman Aslam, 25 from Lier, is a cadet at the Norwegian Millitary Academy and will be working with issues related to Peacekeeping Operations.

Andrea Rognan, 25 from Tønsberg, is a Master's student in Rhetoric and Communication at the University of Oslo. She will be working as a Press and Communications Attaché.

For a full list of employees and contact info at the Mission, please see our page The Team.