Fall 2019: New trainees at Norway's Mission to the UN

In line with tradition, fall in New York also means the arrival of new trainees at the Mission. This is what they will be working with in the coming months.

Five new trainees arrived from Norway last month, and have already started working closely with their mentors at the Mission. They are excited to gain invaluable experience, working with the world’s key international organization.

Anniken Ræstad Owe (25) from Bærum recently graduated from the University of Oslo with a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies, during which she spent a semester at Sciences Po in Paris. Anniken will be working with peace and security issues, focusing on the Security Council, First Committee and the Peacebuilding Commission.

Hannah Eriksen (22) from Skien holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies from Leiden University, with a specialization in the Middle East. Hannah has spent a semester in Cairo, Egypt. She will work with development issues as well as humanitarian affairs.

Ingrid Weltzien (25) from Drøbak is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Law and a Bachelor’s degree in Comparative Politics at the University of Bergen. She has spent a year in London studying International Relations, and will be spending her time in New York working on legal issues, such as the law of the seas and counter-terrorism.

Sander Bredal (24) from Spydeberg holds a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Politics and International Studies and Psychology from The University of Melbourne. He recently interned in Zambia and South Africa through the Norwegian Agency for Exchange Cooperation (NOREC), and previously attended United World Colleges (UWC) in Eswatini. Sander will work with development issues, global health, financing for development, and education.

Vilde Bye Dale (23) from Porsgrunn is finishing her Master’s degree in Modern International and Transnational History at the University of Oslo. Vilde previously spent three years in the United Kingdom, where she studied history and politics at the University of Essex. She will be working with press and communications.

For a full list of employees and contact info at the Mission, please visit The Team.