Fall 2018: Trainees at the Norwegian Mission to the UN

This fall we have been lucky to work with these interns at the Norwegian Mission. Here is an introduction to their work.

The five new trainees have arrived from various places in Norway and from a broad specter of academic backgrounds. They are excited to substitute their university campuses with the halls of the UN headquarters and discuss issues that they previously have only encountered in a classroom setting.

Sunniva Furset (28) is from Oslo and is a Master’s student in media studies at the University of Oslo. She will be working with Press and Communications.

Isa Rama (24) is from Tønsberg and is finishing his Master’s degree in Law at the University of Oslo and Cornell University. Rama will be working with legal issues, including law of the seas, counter-terrorism, and the international criminal court. 

Ane Louise Winsvold Gundersen (25) from Asker recently graduated from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland with an MA in International Relations and Social Anthropology. Gundersen will be working with peace and security issues, with special focus on the Security Council and disarmament affairs.

Jonas Engestøl Wettre (24) from Oslo just finished his Bachelor's degree in International Relations at King's College London and will be working with development issues, including UN funds and programmes, climate and environment issues and the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Julie Kristine Wood (26) is from Oslo and has Bachelor’s degrees in African studies and Political Science from Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and School of African and Oriental Studies (SOAS). Wood will be working with international development issues, including macroeconomics and education.

For a full list of employees and contact info at the Mission, please see our page The Team