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Stricter criteria for the issuance of Norwegian emergency passports

The on-going challenges with the Norwegian passport production also affects the production of emergency passports.

 The Ministry of Justice has consequently made a change in the Passport and ID-card regulation that will last to the end of 2022. Unless there is an emergency situation, or other “special reasons” an emergency passport will not be issued.

The Directorate of the Police has developed new instructions specifying in which cases an emergency passport may be granted. Please note that emergency passports will not be granted for the purpose of holidays or normal visits to friends and family.

The changes in the rules are valid regardless of whether the application is filed in Norway or abroad. The need for an emergency passport must be documented. The Norwegian police encourages everyone not book travels abroad until they have received their travel document.

Please see the latest updates from the Norwegian police about the on-going passport situation here: Aktuelt –