Obtaining confirmation of Life Certificates for 2023, NAV

If you live in Israel and receive a pension or disability benefit from NAV, you will receive a life certificate in early April. The deadline for submitting the living certificate is 30 May 2023.

In order to obtain confirmation of Life Certificates for 2023, NAV (the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration) has in the cover letter and on the following web page Leveattester til pensjonsmottakere i utlandet - nav.no informed that it is not required to refer to the Norwegian Embassy in order to get the confirmation. It is sufficient with a signature of two witnesses when submitting the scheme to NAV.


If an Embassy confirmation is desired, please be aware that it is considered as a notarial certification and hence subject to a fee. The price for notarial certifications is 110,- ILS or 288,- Norwegian Krones

Regulations relating to fees payable at Norway’s diplomatic and consular missions - regjeringen.no

In order to obtain an Embassy confirmation, it is necessary to make an appointment with the Embassy in advance, and the fee has to be paid prior to the appointment.

Due to limited capacity during the Covid pandemic, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs requests you not to contact Norwegian foreign stations for confirmation of the life certificate. The signature of two witnesses is sufficient.