Unquiet - Linn Ullmann / Goel Pinto

The Jerusalem Writers Festival

Unquiet - Linn Ullmann (Norway) in Conversation with Goel Pinto. Viewing is free | No registration is required

Linn Ullmann (Norway), renowned author, journalist, and literary critic, will speak with Kan Tarbut presenter Goel Pinto about her childhood and her parents, who are among the most important and respected people in the world—the renowned director Ingmar Bergman and the unforgettable actress Liv Ullmann. For years, Ullmann and her father planned to write a book together. The project never came to fruition, but their conversations appear in her book Unquiet, which documents her memories and addresses love, old age, and the ways in which memory shapes the dramas of our lives. Pinto and Ullmann will talk about this book and her other books, and about Scandinavian literature and cinema and the secret of their international success.


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Conversation with renowned author, journalist, and literary critic - Unquiet Photo: Ronen Akerman, Kristin Svanaes-Soot Unquiet Supported by the Norwegian Embassy THURSDAY 6.5 18:00-19:00 FACEBOOK Linn Ullmann