Reviving Jewish cultural heritage in Europe and combatting anti-Semitism

Through the EEA and Norway Grants, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway support efforts to combatting anti-Semitism and protecting Jewish Cultural Heritage in Europe. Cultural dialogue and understanding is increasingly important in multi-cultural Europe. It creates awareness of cultural diversity and strengthens citizens’ cultural identity. It shows us what can be achieved when cultures meet and inspire each other. It also promotes fundamental European values of democracy, tolerance and anti-discrimination.

Current supported projects


Reviving the memory and raise awareness of Jewish history and culture in Poland. The project is implemented by the Museum of the History of Polish Jews in cooperation with Norwegian partners. Grants: €3,000,000


"Yiddish for all". Promoting knowledge about Yiddish language and culture in Poland and Norway. Grants: €315,000


Restoration of the Green Synagogue in Rezekne. Additional feature of the project: bilateral cooperation between Latvia and Norway to exchange knowledge on specific techniques required for the restoration of wooden heritage. See the "Before and After" video of the restoration of the Green Synagogue here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NEnrLSqgxiw#t=29 Grants: €604,000

Portugal (under appraisal)

Recovering and enhancing Sephardic heritage and raising awareness about this heritage through development of the Routes of Sepharad. Grants: €4,000,000

NGO funds in the 15 beneficiary countries of the EEA and Norway Grants focus on human rights, tolerance and anti-discrimination. During the last few years we have registered continued and renewed violations of fundamental rights, including physical and verbal attacks on minority groups, immigrants, and on organisations defending human dignity in Europe. Under the Grants €146 million is set aside to 16 NGO funds being established and launched in 2013. The funds will support projects advocating for vulnerable groups and combatting rising intolerance and hate speech, including anti-Semitism in Europe.

In addition, cultural exchange programmes amounting to €26,1 million in 10 countries will support projects promoting cultural diversity and dialogue and fostering minority culture.

Previous supported projects

Czech Republic

Reconstruction of the 18th century Synagogue in Turnov, opening to the public as a community centre for cultural events. Grants: €280,000

Czech Republic

Digitalisation of the most valued historical archived documents of the city of Prague, including documents from the Jewish Religious Community Prague (late 17th century – 1942). Grants: €483,000


Restoration of the Red Synagogue, which is part of the only surviving two Synagogue complexes remaining in Lithuania. Grants: €406,000


Restoration of the White Stork Synagogue Wroclaw. Grants: €2,059,000


Revitalisation of the Renaissance Synagogue of Zamosc, now a centre for educational activities and cultural events. Within the framework of the project a synagogue complex in Kraśnik was also secured. Grants: €1,475,000


Joint exhibition of the Wrocław Centre for Jewish Culture and Education and the Jewish Museum in Oslo on the history of the Jewish communities in Oslo and Wrocław. Grants: €126,000


Restoration cultural heritage monuments and facilities in Segovia, including the Jewish cemetery and Jewish quarters. Grants: €2,268,000