Assistance to Norwegians abroad

About 100 embassies and 400 honorary consulates provide assistance to Norwegian travelers abroad. Embassies are staffed with personnel posted from Norway. Honorary consulates are normally staffed with individuals from the country concerned, which safeguards Norwegian interests in the country. Norwegian citizens cannot expect the same assistance from an honorary consulate as from an embassy with posted Norwegian staff.

What can the foreign service mission assist you with?

  • Passport renewal
  • Issuing of emergency passports or other travel documents
  • Providing advice and guidance on medical services, hospitals etc.
  • Assisting in obtaining legal assistance
  • Assisting relatives in case of death in the country concerned
  • Visiting arrested or imprisoned travellers
  • In special cases, be present during court proceedings
  • Conducting notarizations
  • Assisting in the registering of newborn Norwegian children

What can a foreign service missions not assist you with?

  • Interference in legal proceedings
  • Pay a private defender
  • Obtain housing, work or a work permit
  • Paying bills for hotel, doctor, legal assistance or other expenses
  • Money transfer / payment, including social support
  • Translating certificates etc.
  • Changing of registered data in Norway such as name, date of birth, etc. This can be done on the Tax Agency's website
  • Taking care of children
  • Accompanying sick, children or others back to Norway
  • Assisting or interfering in civil law cases

Who can ask for assistance?
All Norwegian citizens may be eligible for assistance from a foreign service mission. During a temporary stay abroad, refugees or stateless people residing in Norway are usually eligible for the same assistance as Norwegian citizens. Norwegian citizens residing abroad cannot expect the same assistance as Norwegian citizens with permanent residents in Norway.

If you have a dual citizenship, Iranian authorities will disregard the Norwegian citizenship. In such cases, Norwegian authorities will be unable to provide assistance.

For more information on assistance to Norwegians abroad, go to the UD and Embassy Assistance to Norwegian Foreigners at

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