National identity number to apply for a passport

In order to apply for a Norwegian passport, you need to have a Norwegian national identity number. For children born outside of Norway, you apply for a national identity number at the same time as applying for a Norwegian passport for the child.

For norsk, se her

For a child to be given a Norwegian national identity number, at least one of the parents must be a Norwegian citizen when the child was born.

According to the Passport Regulations of 19.10.2020, only the passport authority (the Embassy) can submit an application for the allocation of a personal identification number. Before making an appointment, persons wishing to apply for a national identity number are requested to answer the questions on the Tax Administration's website. After all questions have been answered, the system will produce a list of documentation requirements and how to move forward with the application. The requirements for documentation may vary. 

Before applying for a national identity numbe and a passport for the child, paternity must be established.

The embassy has a checklist for documentation requirements for applications for a Norwegian national identity number:


Print out the list, check the boxes and sign once you are sure that you have all the required documents ready. Bring the signed checklist to your appointment along with the documents. The application will not be accepted without the required documentation.

Note! If the child was born in Somalia, read and follow the Norwegian Embassy in Nairobi's checklist (as it is this Embassy that covers Somalia). You can find the checklist here.

Parents and children are required to meet physically at the appointment, even if the child is an infant. The parents must identify themselves with a valid passport or a valid ID card with photo, signature and date of birth. If one parent cannot attend the appointment, please see procedure for how to give consent here.

If the ID document is not Norwegian, you will be required to have a certified copy of the document from the issuing authority. Information about the process for legalizing Ethiopian documents can be found here.

DNA testing of children and mothers is required in connection with the allocation of national identity numbers for children born in Ethiopia. This follows from Section 8 of the National Registry Regulations. You will find information on how to order a DNA test on the Norwegian Tax Administration's guideNOTE! You must not drink or eat anything 20 minutes before testing. This also applies to children. 

You can book your appointment for applying for national identity number and passport when:

  • You have received a receipt and reference number from Oslo University Hospital for DNA-test.
  • You can present all the required documents on the Tax Administration’s guide and the Embassy’s checklist
  • All necessary non-Norwegian documents have been legalized

The embassy now uses a booking system for appointments. To set up an appointment, create an account and book your appointment.

Book here

The total processing time of applications may vary. Normally an application takes 6-10 months to process. The Norwegian Tax Administration state that their case processing time is 2-4 months, in addition to this there is case processing time at NAV and Oslo University Hospital (DNA-test) and the embassy's own case processing time. We advise that you do not book tickets for travelling with the child, nor plan visas for non-Norwegian parents, until the child has received a valid travel document. 

The Embassy will inform you once the Tax Authorities have issued a Norwegian National Identity Number. It is not necessary to contact the embassy or other agencies while the application is being processed.