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People Doing business - Photo:Ilja C. Hendel
Photo: Ilja C. Hendel

Doing business in Norway

There are many good reasons for doing business in Norway, such as the high level of education, high productivity, and a longstanding culture of innovation. Norway has one of the world’s strongest economies. High priority is given to knowledge development, innovation, technology and maintaining a sustainable business sector.

Norway is a world leader in the oil and gas, energy, maritime and seafood sectors. Companies in other sectors are also making their mark. Medtech, FinTech, Edtech and other technology clusters are flourishing.

Norwegian technology clusters, and centres of expertise innovation can provide foreign companies with specialist knowledge, relevant networks and potential partners.

It is easy to set up a business in Norway. This was highlighted in the ‘Ease of doing business 2016’ survey, where Norway is ranked sixth. In other words, Norway a very interesting country both for established companies and for start-ups.

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Royal Norwegian Embassy and the Embassy of Sweden in Addis Ababa organized a Nordic business seminar titled Nordic Solutions for Business Development on 24 October 2018. The main objective of the seminar was to look into the opportunities and challenges that exist in the Ethiopian business landscape and how the Nordic companies, actors, and instruments, including finance, values, and expertise, can contribute.

Fremme av norske økonomiske interesser og næringslivssamarbeid er en høyt prioritert arbeidsoppgave for ambassaden. Vi ønsker å fungere som en førstelinjeinstans for henvendelser fra norske aktører som ønsker å satse kommersielt i Etiopia.