people in a meeting - Photo:Ilja C. Hendel
Photo: Ilja C. Hendel

Working in Norway

Norway has topped the UN Human Development Index for a number of years, and is an attractive country to live and work in. Employees enjoy a high degree of gender equality and a good work–life balance.

The Norwegian business sector is technologically advanced and quick to adopt new technology. Norway has long been an innovative country, and has specialist expertise in areas such as oil and gas, energy, the maritime sector and seafood.

Norway is a safe, peaceful country with good welfare systems and a constructive, well-regulated employer–employee relationship. A flat organisational structure with a high degree of transparency and good opportunities for employee participation is typical of Norwegian workplaces. The workforce is highly qualified.

You can find useful tips and information about applying for jobs at In order to receive offers from potential employers and subscribe to job advertisements, you must have a residence permit in Norway.