FnBygg - Photo:Oda Herje Kjæmpenes
Palais des Nations Oda Herje Kjæmpenes

United Nations Day 2018. !

If we are to solve the greatest challenges of our time, we need more – not less – international cooperation. So, on this UN Day, let’s celebrate cooperation!

Norway was one of the 51 founding nations of the United Nations (UN) 73 years ago in 1945. The organisation has been important ever since and is more relevant than ever. In order to reach our goals on climate change, security, inclusive and sustainable development, clean oceans and free trade, we need effective multilateral institutions like the UN.

Rules-based multilateral cooperation is vital if we are to solve today and tomorrow’s greatest challenges. However, multilateral cooperation is under pressure. Isolationism and protectionism are challenging the rules-based world order and hindering collaboration between states.

While the important work of the UN does not always make it to the headlines, on this day we should recognize the crucial work that the organisation does. For instance, every year UN supplies vaccination for 45 % of the world’s children. This helps save 3 million lives every year. The UN also supports maternal health, helping over 1 million women a month overcome pregnancy risks.

The UN is the reason we have agreed on a roadmap to the world we want - we have agreed on a universal development agenda. The adoption of Agenda 2030 with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals demonstrated the unique value of the United Nations. These goals recognize that global challenges are also national challenges, and that they are closely interlinked.

For seven decades, Norway has been a consistent supporter of the United Nations and a rules-based multilateral order. We are one of the largest financial contributors to the UN. We consistently allocate 1 % of our gross national income to development aid.

Norway will continue to be a consistent partner to the UN. We will continue to seek common solutions to the challenges we face in our common future.


Let’s celebrate cooperation on this United Nations Day 2018!