Recommendations to Malaysia


45th UPR Session of the Human Rights Council on the human rights situation in Malaysia, as delivered by Mr. Martin Torbergsen, Minister Counsellor, Permanent Representative of Norway in Geneva.



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25 January 2024

Vice President,

Norway welcomes Malaysia’s abolition of the mandatory death penalty, but important concerns remain. 

Norway recommends that Malaysia:

  1. Extend the official moratorium on executions until the death penalty is fully abolished and all existing death sentences are reviewed and commuted.

  2. Fully implement its National Strategic Plan in handling the causes of child marriage.

  3. Protect and uphold the human rights of Indigenous Peoples, in particular their rights to land and resources, as well as the protection of their cultural heritage.

  4. Repeal the 1948 Sedition Act and repeal or amend other laws which arbitrarily restrict the right to freedom of expression.

  5. Ratify and implement all six remaining core human rights treaties especially concerning civil and political rights.

Thank you