JST presented by the Core Group on the situation in Nicaragua (14.12.21)

presented by the Core Group on the situation in Nicaragua

Human Rights Council – General Debate on the UN High Commissioner’s oral updates on the situation of human rights in Nicaragua – December the 14th 2021


Madam President, 

I make this intervention on behalf of TBC. 

We thank the High Commissioner for her oral update on the human rights situation in Nicaragua. Since 2018, the government of Nicaragua has committed systematic human rights violations and abuses, which have worsened in recent months, leading to a manipulated electoral process that was not fair, free, nor transparent and did not allow Nicaraguans to freely express their will.

The November 7 elections represent a new low point after years of unlawful actions under international law by the Nicaraguan Government that have sabotaged political participation, the rights freedom of expression, freedom of association and peaceful assembly, the separation of powers, and the whole democratic system. These elections did not uphold international democratic principles and took place in the absence of any representative opposition; therefore, their results lack legitimacy. 

Once more, we firmly urge the government of Nicaragua to immediately release all political prisoners, including pre-presidential candidates, students, civil society activists and opposition leaders, journalists, and human rights defenders; end politically motivated detentions and the repression of independent media as well as of minorities; allow for the return of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and fully cooperate with the United Nations system; establish a meaningful, inclusive and transparent national dialogue, and fulfill its obligations under international law.

We reiterate our strong commitment to and solidarity with the Nicaraguan people and call for respect of their human rights, including civil and political rights. We call on the Human Rights Council to continue to closely follow the human rights situation in Nicaragua and to take any concrete measures with the aim to support the efforts of the people of Nicaragua to restore democracy and the rule of law in their country.

Thank you.