HRC 46th Session - Item 2 - Interactive dialogue on the report of the High Commissioner on the situation of human rights in Nicaragua


46th session

Enhanced Interactive Dialogue on High Commissioner report on Nicaragua


Madame President,

I am honoured to deliver this statement on behalf of the Nordic and Baltic States. We thank the High Commissioner for her presentation and for of the report on the human rights situation in Nicaragua.

The OHCHR report has highlighted a continuation of gross human rights violations since April 2018 and a worsening repression of political opponents, demonstrators, journalists, and civil society.  Meanwhile, Nicaraguan state authorities have continued to deny any responsibility and have not taken any significant steps towards implementing the recommendations made by international and regional human rights mechanisms to address outstanding concerns. This erodes public trust in state institutions. Impunity for human rights violations and abuses is widespread, denying victims’ rights to justice, truth, reparation and guarantees of non-recurrence.

Given this situation, the Nordic and Baltic States urge the Government of Nicaragua to bring the repression to an immediate halt and to fulfil its obligations according to human rights law, including through ensuring the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly, expression, information and association. We urge the government to resume its cooperation with international human right bodies to Nicaragua, including OHCHR and IACHR.

Thank you.