HRC 46th Session - The Nordic-Baltic countries address the Independent Expert on the enjoyment of human rights by persons with albinism.

UN Human Rights Council
46th  Session

Interactive Dialogue with the Independent Expert on Albinism, 
Intervention by Denmark on behalf of NB8

2 March 2021

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Mdm. President,

I have the honour of speaking on behalf of the Nordic-Baltic countries. 

We would like to thank the Independent Expert for her report on the achievements, accomplishments, challenges and the way forward for her mandate after her tenure. 

The Nordic-Baltic countries commend your important work on showcasing the multifaceted challenges faced by persons with albinism and for promoting the elimination of human rights violations and abuses against them. 

Persons with albinism often face multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination, particularly for women, children, older persons, and persons with disabilities, which your priority areas have also addressed. As you have consistently emphasized, such violations and abuses emanate largely from ignorance, prejudice and stigma. As such, we applaud your persistent efforts to tackle the root causes of such violations. 

Finally, we welcome your ongoing work to raise awareness of the serious consequences that particular rituals and other harmful practices related to witchcraft represent to persons with albinism and their rights. 

Mdm. Ero, 

Could you please provide further details on how the international community can support your efforts?

Thank you.