Statement on Honduras, Colombia and Sri Lanka

Item 2: Country reports of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and the Secretary-General. Statement, 21 March 2018.

 As delivered by Minister Counsellor Herborg F. Alvsåker.


In Honduras demonstrations following last year’s presidential elections were met with excessive use of force by security forces. Reports of killings and harassment of civil society representatives and human rights defenders also represent matters of grave concern.

Norway expects that all extra-judicial killings are investigated and that the perpetrators are brought to justice. The safety and security of [civil society and] human rights defenders must be guaranteed.

In Colombia the OHCHR reports a record-breaking 150 killings of social leaders and human rights defenders in 2017and the alarming trend continues in 2018.  At this critical juncture in the country, it is essential to protect human rights defenders and guarantee the right to political participation.

Last year the Constitutional Court ruled to deviate from the peace agreement on key areas concerning transitional justice. Weakened accountability and possible impunity undermine the prospects of a satisfactory closure. [Deviations from the original agreement may violate International Criminal Law, the Rome Statute and International Humanitarian Law.] 

Norway welcomes the report on Sri Lanka and shares the concerns raised. Norway urges Sri Lanka to develop a clear timeline and benchmarks for the full implementation of its commitments in HRC resolution 30/1. A time bound plan of action is the way forward to achieve progress and build confidence on Sri Lanka’s commitment towards reconciliation, accountability and human rights. 

Thank you.